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Nov 13, 2019

Seashell's Chair of the Board of Directors, Gwen Carr, is to retire after completing her full term of 12 years within the Trust and will be replaced by Dr Robina Shah MBE JP DL.

The charity is dedicated to providing a creative, happy and secure environment for children and young people with complex and severe learning disabilities which include little or no language abilities. Established in 1823 as a school for deaf children, based in rented accomodation in Salford, 8 girls and 6 boys were given places funded entirely by public subscriptions. As demand for places increased a need for a purpose built school was needed and in 1837 on the date of Queen Victoria ascended to the thrown it opened in Old Trafford. The Queen was later to bestow Royal Patronage on the school during her Diamond Jubilee and the school became The Royal Schools for the Deaf.

A post Second World War move to Cheadle Hulme saw the students move into new accommodation.  At the same time increasing numbers of deaf children with additional needs, whose needs could not be met elsewhere, joined the school. 

As local authorities began including deaf children in mainstream provision a special unit was opened in 1972 for students with more complex needs and by 1979 a decision was made that the school would specialise only in those pupils with additional and complex needs. 52-week provision began in earnest in 1986, and the school's specialist Deafblind or Multi-Sensory Unit was opened in 1990.

Griffin Lodge, the charity's first residential home for autistic young deaf adults, was built in 1998.  Shortly after, the Special Educational Needs and disability Act of 2001 led to the rapid growth in the number of students being referred to the college on campus. 

 By 2005 such were the numbers being refeerred to the college that the building was completely refurbished in 2007 and a new wing was completed in 2008 the year which the charity was reconstituted as The Seashell Trust. 

During the last 10 years the Trust has seen a huge amount of investment and change, led by The Chair and Robina is looking forward to further strengthen the legacy that Gwen and her colleagues have made.

A link to the press release is here

Feb 11, 2019

I was first commissioned as a DL in 1999 and now, having reached the age where I transfer to the Retired List, I can reflect on what has been a most uplifting and rewarding experience.

 During my time I have made many friendships not only within the Lieutenancy, but across the wider community in the County, both in the professional and charitable sectors and I hope these will continue well into the future.

 It has been an honour to represent the Lord Lieutenant at numerous ceremonies and events and in particular, my involvement in the local Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002 and the Diamond Jubilee in 2012, that marked the anniversaries of the accession of Her Majesty to the throne.

 I have been particularly delighted to see how the Lieutenancy has become more closely involved with many of our charitable organisations and recognising the excellent work that they perform, by the record number of national awards that have been achieved. I never fail to be amazed at the tremendous efforts and dedication made by so many volunteers, whose work enriches our society and without whom we would be far poorer.

 Having spent 40 years in the Fire Service, the last 20 of which were as a Principal Officer in Greater Manchester, I became acutely aware of the many socio-economic problems in the County, as there is a direct relationship with these and the causes of fire, in the same way as there is with crime.

 Given this, I was involved with pioneering a number of significant community based initiatives to reduce the number of fires and the distress they cause, which have since been developed and resulted in a major reduction of fire related incidents, by as much as 50% in some areas. Since my retirement from the Service, the Lieutenancy has enabled me to continue my commitment to the community by being involved with a number of significant initiatives.

 In 2012, I was privileged to be granted the Office of High Sheriff and during my year I was not only able to witness the work of the judiciary at Crown Court, Coroner and Magistrate levels and support many organisations involved with crime prevention, but also help a number of other worthwhile community activities. This proved to be the highlight of my time as a DL and I look back on it with pride and satisfaction.

(The picture was taken in the Council Chamber at Bolton Town Hall at my Commissioning as High Sheriff.in 2012. L to R. My wife, Elizabeth, me, The Mayor of Bolton Cllr. Noel Spencer and Mayoress Mrs Alice Spencer.) 

 However, none of my work for the Lieutenancy or the community would have been possible without the support of my colleagues in the Lieutenancy, but in particular my wife, Elizabeth, whose support throughout has been generous and unstinting.

Jul 18, 2018

It is with great sadness that we announce the deaths over the weekend of Major Edmund Gartside TD DL MA and Major John Abbott TD DL FCILT.

Major Gartside served in the Lancashire Fusiliers, commanding a TA company in Rochdale, and was a member of the Lancashire Area Council of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, and a Director of the Fusiliers Museum in Bury.

He became a Deputy Lieutenant in 1990 retiring in 2008 and was The High Sheriff between 1995 and 1996.

Major Abbott completed National Service and then continued with an active career in the TA where he attained the rank of Major (Rtd). He maintained active interest and was the past Chairman, East Cheshire Committee of the Army Benevolent Fund and President, Manchester Branch, of The Royal Army Service Corps.

He became a Deputy Lieutenant in 1993 retiring in 2014 and was The High Sheriff between 2000 and 2001.

Jun 16, 2017

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Col Donald Gibbs CBE TD JP DL.

 Col Gibbs served as a Deputy Lieutenant in Greater Manchester from 1974 until his retirement in 2001, and was also High Sheriff of Greater Manchester in 1981/82.

 We have been informed that the funeral will take place on Wednesday 5th July at Manchester Cathedral at 11am, in the Regimental Chapel. 

The funeral will depart from Broughton House. The cremation will take place at Blackley Crematorium  following the Service for those who wish to attend.

Apr 26, 2017

Greater Manchester Lieutenancy – 1974 / 2017

 When the Greater Manchester Lieutenancy was established in April 1974 it was based and serviced by the Greater Manchester County Council (at that time most Lieutenancies were based on their County Council).

 The nominal Clerk to the Lieutenancy was the Chief Executive of the County Council but they usually deputed a senior member of their staff to undertake the duties of the Office.

 When the ‘shadow’ County Council was set up in 1973 I was asked by the  Chief Executive designate (Sir George Odgen) to assist the Lord-Lieutenant designate (Sir William Downward) in the setting up and eventual running of the Lieutenancy.

 Neither Sir William nor I had any experience of the work but we agreed that we would learn ‘on the job’.

 The staff of the Lancashire and Cheshire Lieutenancies based on the long established Shire County Councils were very helpful in sharing their knowledge and experience, as were the staff of the Duchy of Lancaster Office, and we were ‘ready for action’ on 1st April 1974.

 We knew that the Lord-Lieutenant’s responsibilities, in addition to representing The Queen across all aspects of life in the County, included the organisation of official Visits by Members of the Royal Family to Greater Manchester ; ‘Keeper of the Rolls’ as the senior Magistrate in the County with responsibilities for the appointment of Magistrates (together with the Duchy of Lancaster) ; the appointment of General Commissioners of Income Tax (together with the Lord Chancellors Office) ; and the Presentation of Honours and Awards.

 We were ‘thrown in at the deep end’ as the first Royal Visit was by The Prince of Wales in the early summer of 1974 involving a full day Programme of engagements. This was followed by a number of Visits by Members of the Royal Family that year setting the pattern for a Programme of Visits of at least  twelve every year. In some years eg .2002 Commonwealth Games year, many more.

 A particular highlight in the early years was the Silver Jubilee Visit by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh in 1977. This two day Visit included a Royal Garden Party in Longford Park, Trafford - the first provincial Royal Garden Party in England.

 Royal Visits were very popular events particularly those of The Queen and the younger Members of the Family. We applied the same detailed Programme preparation to all Visits in liaison with the Host organisation ; the Royal Household ; the Police ; the Local Authority ; and the Press / Media, but  Visits by, for example, the Princess of Wales, attracting huge crowds and international media attention, created additional pressures.

 The Metropolitan County Councils were abolished in 1986 and a new challenge was presented as the Lieutenancy had to be set up as an independent organisation.

 I was asked to take charge of the Office and support for the Lord-Lieutenant and we acquired the rent of a small Office suite in Manchester City Centre. We were supported financially by Government. I was joined by Anne Owens as the Secretarial Assistant and we enjoyed a happy working relationship.

 In 1987, on the retirement of Sir William, Sir John Timmins was appointed Lord-Lieutenant and I continued in Office until I retired when Sir John retired in 2007.

 Although the nature of the work required a 24/7 availability I was glad that my wife Fran could attend many of the Visits and events.

 I thoroughly enjoyed my 34 years in the Lieutenancy Office and was grateful for a challenging yet fulfilling career which gave me, in addition to interesting work, the opportunity to visit Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Factories, Voluntary Organisations (and Palaces !) meeting so many interesting people.

 Her Majesty appointed me a Member of Her Royal Victorian Order (MVO) in 1989 and a Lieutenant of the Order (LVO) in 2002

 I was happy to be given the opportunity to continue an association and involvement with the Lieutenancy when Sir John appointed me a Deputy Lieutenant (DL) shortly before my retirement as Clerk.

 As a DL I have been pleased to assist Mr Warren Smith, the Lord-Lieutenant in his wide-ranging and demanding role by undertaking some interesting duties particularly attendance at Citizenship Ceremonies involving recently in my Borough of Trafford, the involvement of local Schoolchildren to witness and take part in these important occasions.

 I firmly believe that the Lieutenancies throughout the Country have an important role in all aspects of life of their Counties.

Mar 7, 2017

Karen Phillips MBE DL, is the CEO of The Fed and is retiring from her role on March 31st 2017 after 25 years of service. The Federation of Jewish Services (FJS) was created in December 2009. It was brought about the merger of two of Manchester Jewry’s oldest charities – The Fed and Heathlands Village. In November 2011 FJS became known as The Fed, whilst retaining its full title “The Federation of Jewish Services” for legal and charitable purpose.

Whilst acting as CEO Karen has overseen some dramatic changes in the way that The Fed supports the community not least the merger of community services creating an independent living, residential, nursing and end of life home for over 180 people. This 5 acre one stop shop care facility consisting of a children’s centre, next to a community centre, next to care facilities in a vibrant setting is a new model of care far removed from the traditional approach.

Karen said of her impending retirement.

In my work as CEO of a large charity in Manchester, The Fed, I hear many people saying “I feel the same inside. I can’t believe I am here, right here, right now.”

I find myself saying the same thing as I am about to retire from my role. I hasten to say that I am not retiring per se, but leaving a role about which I am passionate and committed.

After careful thought I have decided that now is the time to pursue other interests and roles whilst I have the energy to do so and find the balance in life that has always eluded me.

Having worked hard for over 45 years within the statutory and voluntary sector and been through mergers and angst ridden challenges I know that I have many adventures in the future and am excited about what lays ahead.

Not surprisingly, I have had some sentimental moments. I look at what has been created with great pride and know that the team around me is well capable of taking the organisation forward,

Of course I have some fears about the future not helped by the interminable advice from the suddenly, vastly knowledgeable friends and colleagues (mainly men) who say that they couldn’t possibly and it is the worst thing to do.

I feel differently.

I have seen too many people clinging on past their sell by date, fearful of the future, leaving others pondering how they might move them gently on.

Not me.

I might write again in twelve months with a different story with a more regretful slant.

Watch this space.

The Lieutenancy wishes Karen a long and happy retirement from her CEO role and looks forward to continuing to support her as a valued DL.

Mar 22, 2016

It has been announced that Joy Smith will succeed Sharman Birtles as the HIgh Sheriff for Greater Manchester and will be installed on the 14th April 2016 at a ceremony to be held in the borough of Wigan.

Joy was made a DL in 2008 and is the current chair of Wigan's District Committee. The Lord-Lieutenant is pleased to have such a respected member of the county to take on this role and commented: 'Joy is well known for her charitable work and will make a worthy successor to Mrs Birtles.  I very much look forward to working with her in the coming year and to install her as HIgh Sheriff in April.'

We send Joy our very best wishes and every success for the year ahead.

May 12, 2015
Far too frequently we publish sad but important news, however, this is some excellent news! 
Mumtaz Bashir ,"Manchester's Daughter" as she is often called, will be getting married to Abdul Waheed Hanid on Saturday 6th June 2015 at the British Muslim Heritage Centre.
All of us in the Lieutenancy Office and indeed our Deputy Lieutenants, past and present, offer our sincere congratualtions to Mumtaz and Abdul for what we are sure will be both a long and happy life together.
May 6, 2015

Anthony Goldstone died on 5th May 2015 and he will be greatly missed.

Anthony was educated at Manchester Grammar School and Manchester University and qualified as a Chartered Accountant before beginning his working life in the family Clothing Company, founded by his father who was formerly the High Sheriff, where he spent the next 40 years. The company is now run by his son, Philip.

Anthony became a councillor in Manchester and then Greater Manchester; he was chair of the Recreation and Arts Committee. He became the longest serving regional Chair of the Tourist Board founding England's North Country. He was a director of the North West Electricity Board and a non executive director of United Waste Services. His public roles continued as Chair of OFWAT, North West and the Chair of Manchester and North West Learning and Skills Council.

He was elected President of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the North West Chambers, a post formerly held by his father. In 2002 he was elected the National President of the British Chambers of Commerce which position he held for over 2 years. The Chancellor appointed him a member of the Apprentice Task Force which he was a member of for 2 years.

In 1984 he was awarded an MBE for work with young people and in 2002 and later an OBE for his work with Tourism. He was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant in 1990 in the presence of his father.

Anthony Goldstone had many public appointments including the first Chair of The Prince of Wales Volunteers Group in Greater Manchester.

Anthony leaves a widow, four children and 10 grand children.

Mar 26, 2015

Sharman was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant in 2009 and will become High Sheriff of Greater Manchester on the 16th April at a ceremony to be held at Dukinfield Town Hall.

Sharman was born in Droylsden and was educated at Fairfield High School for Girls. She was appointed as a Magistrate on the Manchester City Bench in 1981 and has served as the Chairman of the Licensing Bench, spent three years as Deputy Bench Chairman and from 2009 - 2014 was the Bench Chairman. She works at a local charity shop and is a Governor of the Cotton Districts and Barnes Charity.

Sharman is a passionately proud Mancunian and never fails to promote the City she loves, to anyone who cares to listen and is looking forward to serving the county in this new and demanding way with a partuicular emphasis on understanding and promoting Voluntary Service.

The Lord Lieutenant said: 'Sharman is one of my most experienced deputies and will bring a great deal of creativity to the role of High Sheriff, something she has already demonstrated in her capaity as a deputy'.

All in the Lieutenancy wish her well in her new role

Mar 26, 2015

George CauchiGeorge began his working life with Malta Airlines and then at the HQ of The National Bank of Malta. In the Army he was first a gunner before training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst; he was commissioned in l958 and spent the next 34 years as a professional soldier. Before leaving the Army, George was awarded a CBE at the hand of Her Majesty, The Queen.

After leaving the army and until 1998, George ran the Finance and Administration of the Royal Northern College of Music, acting concurrently as Clerk to its Board of Governors. He was a Director of the Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music and of its Publishing Company; a multi-million pound, global, music examinations, publishing and teacher development business. George's contribution in this area was recognised as he was awarded an Honorary Degree in Music. In 1998 he was made a Deputy Lieutenant.

In 1999 George joined the Northern Chamber Orchestra Board and assisted in ensuring the continued existence of the Orchestra; he was made a Life Vice President. The same year He was appointed a High Officer of the Corporation of London as The Secondary of London and Under Sheriff, High Bailiff of Southwark. Effectively he was the Corporation's Chief Executive at the Central Criminal Court, known as 'The Old Bailey'. George helped and advised the two Sheriffs of the City of London and acted as their Attorney in the Enforcement Process of High Court Writs and Judgement Debts. He regularly participated in the Lord Mayor's Parade and in other colourful City of London ceremonial events. George was active in the Livery for some 30 years and served as The Master and as a Trustee of the Charitable Funds of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators, and also as an ordinary Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Musicians.

George was married to Madeleine in 1961; they have two married sons and four grand daughters and he will be greatly missed.