Kai Hung Lee Esq. DL LLD

Kai Hung LeeKai Hung Lee is one of the most prominent members of the Chinese community in England's northwest. He has always believed in doing something different or something new to stay ahead of his competitors. He is a successful business man, philanthropist, community leader and a passionate promoter of education. These aspects of his life are not separate, for together they are a divine commitment to promoting prosperity and inclusivity.

The Lee Kai Hung Foundation (registered charity) founded in 1992 provides a range of support to students including, among other, things English language skills, welfare and pastoral support. The far sighted approach has meant that over fifty Chinese students have successfully completed their studies in the UK - many of course return to China; this is a knowledge-transfer in action.

The dispersal of the Chinese community resulted in traditional ties and values being lost. The community had no organised voice at a regional level. This concerned Kai Hung Lee, he could not ignore this, quite the contrary as in his successful approach to business he sought to do something quite different and something new. He established, and became the first chairman of the North West Chinese Council.

Currently working on the ‘Chinese Living Museum' project in collaboration with the Wigan Council and NWDA, to bring Chinese culture, history and tradition to the 21st Century.

He continues to work in and for the community in his approach to life and was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant in 2003.