From Heaven to Hell

Jul 5, 2017
Category: Boroughs

Salford DL Lorraine Worsley Carter MBE was invited by the director Sue Jenkins and writer of the play Danny Clifford to attend their last night of ‘From Heaven to Hell.’ The play took place at the Salford Arts Theatre, a community theatre in the heart of Salford.

The play is a story, based on true events, of love, loss and loyalty dedicated to the 1st Salford Pals who died at the battle of the Somme. Two men join the Salford Pals in the First World War and form an unlikely friendship. Before they head off to war they experience fun, laughter and love. The story contrasts life at the front line and experiences in the 1916 Battle of the Somme with the women left behind in Salford.

 The Story not only focuses on the men fighting, but on the relationships between them and the women left behind and the struggles as they adjust to life without their husbands.

Profits from the play will go to the British Legion.

Lorraine is pictured alongside the producer, Sue Jenkins and the writer, Danny Clifford.