Salford Citizenship Ceremony

Jan 23, 2018
Category: Boroughs

Becoming a British citizen is a significant life event. Apart from allowing those seeking British citizenship by naturalisation to apply for a British citizen passport, it also gives the applicant the opportunity to participate more fully in the life of their local community. As part of the process there is a citizenship ceremony. The ceremony will usually take place close to where the applicant lives and is organised by the local council and are usually done in groups. The ceremonies are dignified yet celebratory and the Lieutenancy is proud to be part of them across Greater Manchester.

At the ceremonies a Deputy Lieutenant attends and brings greetings to the attendees from The Queen. Each ceremony gives the opportunity to get to know the applicants a little better and to hear their stories. At a recent ceremony in Salford, attended by Lorraine Worsley Carter MBE DL, one of the applicants, Ms Alhumaidi and her mother had handmade and decorated a box on which they had put the words from the first verse of the National Anthem and she filled this with all sorts of confectionery from her homeland of Saudi Arabia. This added a little extra to this ceremony and was welcomed by Salford Registry Team, The Ceremonial Mayor, Councillor Peter Connor and Lorraine.