The Pankhurst Centre

Mar 8, 2018
Category: Boroughs

The Lord-Lieutenant and Lorraine Worsley Carter MBE DL both recently visited the Pankhurst Centre in Manchester. The Lord-Lieutenant attended to present a well deserved £10,000 from the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund and Manchester Guardian Society to assist with the renovation project. Lorraine attended at the Pankhurst Museum at The Pankhurst Centre to become a Friend (Pictured).

The Pankhurst Centre stands at 60-62 Nelson Street in Manchester, it is where Emmeline Pankhurst and her family lived and formed the Women’s Social and Political Union, (WSPU). The Centre is a fitting reminder of the Suffragette movement. 

 As a women’s community centre it provides and offers space for activities and events run by women, for women. It offers a unique place in which women can learn together, work on projects and socialise. It is a vibrant centre that hosts a number of women’s organisations and projects that support women, thus continuing the struggle that the Suffragettes began, fighting for women’s rights, all those years ago.

 By 1908 all the Pankhursts had moved to London to be at the centre of the growing campaign and by 1979 the houses had fallen into disrepair and permission was sought to demolish both 60 and 62 Nelson Street. This produced a storm of protest and the request was rejected and the houses leased to the Pankhurst Trust. The trust was established to restore the buildings and put them back into public use. Through extensive fundraising the Trust raised the half a million pounds required to carry out the project.

 In 1984 the restoration work started. Progress was slow as labour was recruited through Community Programme Schemes to ensure that women were employed on the site.

 The Centre was opened by Helen Pankhurst and Barbara Castle on 11th October 1987: the anniversary of the first meeting of the Suffragettes in 1903.

 For more information about the centre and to find out how you could become a friend please visit