The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall

Feb 4, 2010
Category: Royal Family

The 4th February 2010 was the day on which the Lord-Lieutenant welcomed the first of our Royal visitors for the year.

As will be seen to the right the Royal Train pulled into the sidings of the historic ‘1830 Platform’ of Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry as the Kings Division Band play the National Anthem.

The Lord-Lieutenant welcomed HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall on what was to prove to be a very busy and varied day! Prince Charles then spent some time at the Museum guided by the Director Mr Steve Davies.  The Prince saw a number of exhibits before being formally welcomed by Professor Lawrie Wood.  The Prince of Wales made a major speech and launched the START initiative which encourages businesses to think about the ‘green’ opportunities that are available.  Sir Richard Leese, the Leader of the City Council, responded to the speech with warm enthusiasm. The photograph to the left sees His Royal Highness in conversation with Mr Davies.

As Prince Charles toured the Museum The Duchess of Cornwall, escorted by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Mr Michael Oglesby, enjoyed a tour of the set of Coronation Street.  The Duchess ‘walked the cobbles’ of the street where she met a number of the cast members before she went into the ‘Rovers’. The Coronation Street Production Staff commissioned a brooch in the form of the three flying ducks that hung on the wall of the legendary Hilda Ogden’s house.

The photograph to the right shows Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster) and Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster) presenting the Duchess with a Posie with Beverley Callard looking on from the door of the 'Rovers Return'.

Both of the Royal visitors then went to Salford Lads and Girls Club and entered through the iconic doors made famous by the Smiths, a local pop group.  Their Royal Highnesses enjoyed a brief history of the building given by Mr Leslie Holmes before they enjoyed a tour of the building and met a great number of members of the club, some of whom had become members over 70 years ago!  The visitors also saw exhibitions of ‘the Swedish Drill’ (precision movement to music), boxing and Kick Boxing before The Prince moved to the Concert Hall where he had the opportunity of meeting representatives from many of the Youth organisations around the county.

The images below show Their Royal Highnesses meeting a number of the members of the Club, The Prince of Wales talking with one of the young people, HRH speaking to members of the Kick Boxing group and finally saying good bye to the Mayor and Mayoress of Salford. 

After meeting over 90 members of the uniformed Youth Organisations of Greater Manchester, His Royal Highness was welcomed to the Club by the Lord-Lieutenant and invited to make a speech which launched Youth United in the Greater Manchester (Youth United is the Prince’s initiative to bring organisations together and encourage the sharing of talents, skills and premises).

The next venue of the day was a visit to the Rylands University Library on Deansgate.  The Royal visitors were welcomed by the University Librarian and Director, Ms Jan Wilkinson and taken on a tour of the building. The Photograph to the right shows the Lord-Lieutenant introducing Dame Nancy Rothwell, The Deputy President and Deputy Vice Chancellor, and Dr Stella Butler, the Deputy University Librarian.

Their Royal Highnesses enjoyed seeing the ancient building and had the opportunity of seeing a number of exhibits that included the fragment of St John’s Gospel and the Prayer Book of Mary, Queen of Scots as well as many other important artefacts.

As can be seen to the right, Their Royal Highnesses were invited to sign the Visitor Book by Ms Jan Wilkinson, the University Librarian and Director, seens on the left, and were presented with a beautiful facsimile of the Beatus as a memento of their visit to the Library.

The visitors then travelled to other venues; the Prince to M & I Materials in Trafford Park and The Duchess to Canon Burrows School in Ashton-under-Lyne.

M & I Materials is a family owned business that produces a number of unique products for the Space and Aeronautical industries amongst others.  As can be seen to the right, The Prince was welcomed to the factory by the owner Mr Colin Salt, his wife Ellen and Mr Giles Salt.  Colin Salt then gave a brief introduction to the materials produced by the company, and their international customers before embarking on an intensive tour of the factory.

The photograph to the left sees Mr Salt explaining one of the processes to His Royal Highness.  HRH saw a great deal of the manufacturing ‘shop floor’ before visiting the main offices where a huge crowd of employees were gathered, some of whom had been with the company from its inception.

Mr Salt formally welcomed HRH and invited him to unveil a plaque to commemorate his visit before The Prince made an informal speech of congratulation to all concerned.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s visit to Canon Burrows School was a great hit with the children who were also entertained by Mr Taffy Thomas, the first Story-Telling Laureate. The Head Teacher, Mrs Horridge, welcomed HRH to the school before escorting HRH into the school hall where the children welcomed her and entertained The Duchess with dance and song. To the right we can see Mrs Horridge escorting HRH with the Vice Lord-Lieutenant following on.   The Duchess unveiled a plaque to mark her visit to the school before officially switching on the PowerPerfector, a device that reduces the cost of energy used by the school.  The PowerPerfector was the prize of a environmental National School’s Competition which was won by six Year 6 pupils at the school.

The final visit of the day saw the Prince of Wales visit the Manchester Suite at Old Trafford where he met the Deputy Leader of the world wide Sufi community, Mohammed Hisham Kabbani.  Shaykh Hisham introduced His Royal Highness to a number of key figures in the Sufi community both from the United Kingdom and as far afield as Australia.

The photograph to the right sees The Prince in conversation with the Shaykh, Dr Hedieh Mirahmadi, Doug Gray, Shokat Malik and Farzana Dean. HRH was then escorted in the main hall where he enjoyed music and dance from the gathered community before Shaykh Hisham formally welcomed him to the event.

The day ended as HRH left the county on board the Royal Train at Victoria Station.

The Lieutenancy are grateful to David Lake and Alan Towse for use of their photographs