Honours and Queen’s Awards

Honours - a mystery?

The honours system is one designed to recognise the specific contribution made by individuals to many different walks of life in our nation.  However, this system of recogniton has remained a mystery and 'some thing for others' but this is not true!  There really is no mystery and honours are for everyone.MBE

Most people will be familiar with the terms CBE or OBE or MBE and of course we have all heard of Knighthoods.  More recently familiar names from the world of music, the Arts, theatre have been reported in the media but others such as Carers, Volunteers, Teachers, Youth Leaders and the 'person down the street' have equally been awarded a ntional honour.  To the right is the Member of the British Empire( MBE), the first of the honours and lower, left, the Order of the British Empire (OBE) given for a more significant contribution and the one at the foot of the page is the Cammander of the British Empire (CBE) given for major contributions that have favourably affected the wider community.


Anyone can nominate a deserving individual within their community whether they are a friend or someone they have worked with or who might have helped them in some specific way. What is important is not to let the person you are thinking of know what you have in mind and then to privately ask others who might feel the same as you to support you in the process. Honours Nomination Forms can be obtained by writing to:
Honours and Appointments Secretariat
Cabinet Office
35 Great Smith Street
London SW1P 3BQ
Tel:    0207 276 2777   
e-mail: honours@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk

The Nomination Form can be downloaded from the website: www.royal.gov.uk/honours

Nomination Forms contain guidelines notes that describe how they should be completed, what information should be included and gives helpful advice about supporting letters.  Nonetheless these forms can be quite daunting and if completed badly then this could affect the outcome of your nonimnation. Help will be given in completing nomination forms through the Lieutenancy Office or by asking one of our local Deputy Lieutenants.

CBELists of those awarded an Honour are published on New Year's Day and on The Queen's official birthday in June but please do not expect the process to be swift - it is not!  You will need to spend time collecting citations that explain the proven track record and selfless voluntary service given by the person you are supporting as outstanding achievement is essential to gain recognition. The normal timetable for any nominations are around 12 months but may take up to 18 months.  What should always be born in mind is that there are many nominations and relatively few will be chosen.

Download a Powerpoint presentation on the Honours system.

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