Inviting the Lord-Lieutenant to an Event

The Lord-Lieutenant is His Majesty The King’s personal representative within Greater Manchester and should be accorded the same etiquette and protocol as any member of The Royal Family when she is attending any event in the county in her official capacity. In general, this means that anywhere within Greater Manchester, the Lord-Lieutenant takes precedence over all others except for members of The Royal Family.

Mrs Diane Hawkins the Lord-Lieutenant talking to members of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team during a visit to their base
The Lord-Lieutenant visiting the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team to present their Platinum Jubilee Medals

Where the Lord-Lieutenant is unable to attend she may be represented by her Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant; the same etiquette and protocol should be followed as if it was the Lord-Lieutenant.

Priority will be given to events where the Lord-Lieutenant is taking an active part such as a speech, reading or prize/award giving. Any speech notes or readings are required 14 days in advance of the event. Please note the Lord-Lieutenant should ordinarily, and where appropriate, be the first speaker after any welcome speech.

Etiquette for Receiving the Lord-Lieutenant at an Event

Mrs Lorraine Worsley Carter, Deputy Lieutenant with users and staff at at EAM House in Partington
Lorraine Worsley Carter MBE DL Visits EAM House, Partington for a charity event on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant

If you intend to invite the Lord-Lieutenant to an event please give at least 3 weeks’ notice. This will give your invitation the best chance of being accepted. Should the Lord-Lieutenant be unavailable the the Lieutenancy Staff will try to organise for the Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant to attend but this may not be possible if only given short notice.

The Lord-Lieutenant should be met on arrival by the host, or escorted to the host, without delay and not left un-hosted for any part of the event.
Normally, and unless this is neither possible nor advisable, the Lord-Lieutenant will be driven to the point of greeting. Reserved parking should be made available, where possible, and clearly marked or indicated to the driver on arrival.

The correct form of address for the Lord-Lieutenant is:

Salutation: Lord-Lieutenant
In a speech: In the preamble the Lord-Lieutenant should be referred to as “My Lord-Lieutenant”. A speech might begin “My Lord-Lieutenant, Ladies and Gentlemen”
Conversation: Lord-Lieutenant followed by Mrs Hawkins or if appropriate Diane

If the Lord-Lieutenant is represented by his Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant, the form of address should be adapted accordingly, i.e.,

Salutation or Conversation: Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Deputy Lieutenant.
In a speech: “Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Ladies and Gentlemen…” or “Deputy Lieutenant”.

Parades and Events

Sir Warren Smith laying a wreath alongside the Lord Mayor during the Remembrance Day Parade in Manchester
Sir Warren Smith lays a wreath in Manchester on Remembrance Day in 2018

As the King’s representative the Lord-Lieutenant should lead parades, take the salute from the dais where appropriate, be placed front centre in formal seating arrangements, and be seated on the immediate right of the host at a formal dinner; The Lord-Lieutenant, where practicable, should arrive last and be escorted to his seat.

The Lord-Lieutenant should be the first person to lay a wreath and on Remembrance Sunday should lay his wreath simultaneously with the Lord-Mayor or Mayor.

Church Services and Seating

At Funerals, the Lord-Lieutenant or her representative (unless attending in a personal rather than an official capacity) always enters the church last (two minutes before the start of the service and before the clergy, coffin and family) and always leaves immediately after the family. She should be seated in the front row, aisle seat on the opposite side to the family.

For other church services, the Lord-Lieutenant or her representative enters last and leaves first. The Lord-Lieutenant should be seated at the front of the nave on the south side (right hand), aisle seat.

It is always possible to adjust protocol if an event requires it but if you wish to do so, please discuss this with the Lieutenancy Office in advance. The office is also always happy to talk through any protocol matters you are unsure about.