The Metropolitan Borough of the City of Salford dates from 1974 with the merging of five neighbouring communities that grew side-by-side over the centuries. Salford was one of these five and was granted city status in 1926.

Salford has a diverse and multi-cultural community. It is a dynamic and vibrant city where museums, galleries and the arts abound and home to the world-famous Lowry Theatre. There are excellent educational opportunities, beautiful wildlife reserves, exciting designer shopping, and even a stately home, Ordsall Hall, which nestles alongside modern housing, having been tenderly restored by volunteers.

In Salford we are very proud of our committed volunteers who work hard to enrich the lives of their fellow Salfordians, using their varied skills to enable others to reach their full potential and to help make sustainable communities.
In the past few years Salford has evolved into a world-renowned media hub – Media City UK from where BBC programmes are now broadcast every hour of everyday.

Major sporting events take place across the city, including on our waterways and canals. Tourism is a growing industry for Salford.

The vision for Salford is to create an even better city for people to live and work in; where quality of life of Salford citizens is improved by economic prosperity and by developing and maintaining strong, safe and healthy communities.