Bolton is known as one of the friendliest places in the country, and its ‘Bolton Family’ values are shared with its partners who work with communities to improve the town, harnessing the energy, talents and fun loving nature of the local people.

Bolton grew from a small market town serving the needs of the local farmers and cottage weavers in the 18th century to become one of the UK’s largest towns. Its success is largely a result of local inventors Richard Arkwright and Samuel Crompton, who revolutionised the world’s textile industry  and today it still produces high-tech smart textile materials for the aerospace , automotive and mobile phone industries.

The borough extends to the Lancashire Moors and provides breath-taking scenery and a diverse stock of housing. There are new business parks which attract start-up businesses and multi-national companies relocating to the area. Also, there’s top quality education and leisure facilities and acclaimed theatres, museums and art galleries.

Bolton’s an innovative, dynamic and vibrant town where its people embrace new challenges and opportunities and welcome visitors who want to share in their success.