Catherine Louise Scott DL

Mrs. Catherine Louise Scott, known to all as Louise, was born Catherine Louise Bell on April 22nd, 1968. For 34 years, she has been happily married to Michael Scott.

Louise’s story is one of remarkable dedication and commitment, professionally and in service to her community. After leaving school, she began her career at NatWest Bank, while nurturing her passion for culinary arts through evening classes and certifications in catering.

Louise moved to her family’s construction business, H Bell & Sons (Rochdale) Ltd in 1990, intending to support her father’s retirement for a year. However, her love for the industry and its daily challenges meant she couldn’t leave. She works alongside her brother and her husband, a situation she describes as ‘Interesting’! Today, she manages various aspects of the business, while advocating for diversity and youth engagement in the construction sector through her work with the company’s teams and local schools and colleges.

Beyond her work, Louise is a beacon of support for numerous community causes. She tirelessly fundraises for Springhill Hospice Rochdale, champions environmental sustainability through Rochdale and Norden in Bloom, and lends her support to initiatives like Petrus Incredible Edibles and WHAG, providing aid to vulnerable people in her home town. Additionally, she is a devoted supporter of Jolly Josh Charity, fostering nurturing environments for children and families.

In her leisure time, Louise enjoys family activities, gardening, photography, and furthering her culinary skills. Her life exemplifies the power of passion, service, and continual learning to build a better place for everyone.